Landscaping On A Budget

Landscaping On A Budget


With spring coming, it’s time to start planning changes in your yard to refresh your landscaping. Creating a beautiful lawn can be expensive and your spring project can quickly become a budgeting nightmare It is however, possible to create beautiful landscapes on a budget. Budget landscaping can still provide beautiful results without spending a fortune.

First, you need a plan. Cheap landscaping design requires imagination, work and above all, a plan. Decide which areas of your yard you will be landscaping. Make notes of the condition the soil is in and the amounts of sunlight and shade.

Take an inventory of your yard. Is there anything that can be reused? If you have large rocks, pieces of flagstone and perennials already available to you, use them. Check out plantings in your neighborhood. If there are plantings you like, take a picture for reference. When you’ve finished checking out nearby plantings, it’s time to start your plan for budget landscaping.

Make a preliminary plan of your yard. Sketch your yard as it exists, make sure you include any trees or plantings that already exist. Draw a preliminary plan of how you would like to landscape your yard. Do some research online or peruse the neighborhood to incorporate items you like in other people’s yards.

Executing a cheap landscaping plan can be expensive. However, you can walk through a nursery or green house and check out what’s available. Staff members at a professional nursery are extraordinarily friendly and helpful people. Describe what you’re trying to do and ask them for suggestions. Most will gladly point out plants for you to consider.

Once you have a plan, draw it up and make a list of what to buy. It is possible to do budget landscaping when you plan and are creative. First, shop your own yard for plants that you can relocate. Next, if you will be using perennials that must be split, check with your neighbors. If they have any plants they’ll be splitting and ask if you can have any of the plant root balls, they have thinned out.

You can save a substantial amount of money if you can find root balls or cuttings for plants like hosta and lily of the valley. Look for neighborhood and local garden clubs plant exchanges where you can often find plants that are will do well in your neighborhood and are inexpensive or free for the taking. Wherever you go hunting for plants like this, ask gardeners for suggestions.

Spend some time prepping your yard for the new plantings. If you must buy plants, be careful and don’t overbuy. Lay your plants out before you plant them. Tall plants go in the back and pops of color are always exciting. Positioning plants in this manner will give you an idea of what your landscaping will look like.

Planning your garden and being creative in using existing resources can create an impressive landscape. Just remember to keep the short plants in the front. 

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