Fertilizing Your Lawn: When & How Often?

Fertilizing Your Lawn: When & How Often?


Everyone wants a healthy and green lawn. In addition, we all know that adding fertilizer is a necessary step to creating the best lawn on the block. However, when do you need to fertilize and how often? Fertilizers are used for the growth of plants but applying them at the wrong time may not help at all. There are two primary things to consider when you are about to fertilize your lawn; the season and the kind of grass your yard has. However, these two factors are heavily connected since the growth of grass is different throughout the seasons. As a result, we will be discussing when to consider lawn fertilizing in specific seasons. 

“Bridge feeding” of the late summer is done in the prevention of damage brought by heat, drought and frequent mowing. There are specific reasons for this as the grass is using the spring reserve of nutrition, but those aren’t enough to ensure proper growth of the St. Augustine and Bermuda grass growing rapidly. Summer lawn fertilizing will also help the grass to go through the first period of fall. It would be best if you always avoided midsummer fertilizing when it starts to get hot. During that time, fertilizing can be the wrong decision. If you are living in northern areas where the weather is cold during midsummer, you can fertilize the lawn.
During the fall, preparation of the cold season needs to be taken. The fertilizing you did during the summer will help the grass go through the fall. However, the fertilizing you need to do during fall is for the cold season that is about to come. Late-fall fertilizing is recommended for maintaining nutrition and making sure that the grass stays green and healthy. It is also a good time for testing your soil and making sure the pH level is on point. Aerating and applying lime on the ground helps to maintain the pH level. 

During the starting days of spring, you do not need to apply fertilizers. Most people do it out of a mistake, thinking that it will be a good idea to fertilize the lawn at the first sign of good weather that appears after winter. But it would be best if you considered fertilizing during the late spring when the temperature is perfect for the process. Fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature for lawn fertilizing in the spring. 

When it comes to the question of how frequent you need to fertilize to ensure the growth of the grass, experts suggest that you should do that once in every 7 to 8 weeks. For example, you can fertilize twice during the spring and thrice in fall. Make sure that the soil of your lawn is on the right pH level and also do not have any weeds that can take the nutrition from fertilizers. Mowing your lawn is also necessary from time to time, especially before winter. That way, you can keep your garden beautiful and green.

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