Do I Need A Home Maintenance Plan?

Do I Need A Home Maintenance Plan?


When becoming a property owner you must keep in mind just exactly how big of an investment you are making. Your property’s value effects multiple areas of your life and finances. Regularly changing out filters, cleaning appliances, maintaining HVAC systems and other items around the home can be time consuming. Too often homeowner forget to properly maintain the systems that make their home operate properly. Having a home maintenance plan is one possible way to keep things running smoothly.

Here is an example, if simple or tedious repairs are not completed on occasion property values can decrease. Affecting not only your property, but your neighbors’ as well. The bank can refuse to loan money as a result. Insurance premiums can rise from multiple or repeated opened claims. Insurance claims one has opened merely because minor repairs weren’t completed in a timely manner. Homeowners of any age, all locations and, every stage of life simply must have some form of a routine home maintenance plan. Home repairs are usually pretty expensive and can easily go horribly wrong, in what seems to be the blink of an eye leading to loss of even more money. Quite often, cheaper or defective materials can seemingly offer a substantial value but rarely do they actually meet quality standards. 

I know finding a dependable and reputable general contractor can also become quite the task as well. Then there are a plethora of Do It Yourself videos that make home repairs look so easy and often lead to an overabundance of self-confidence. The absolute truth however is, you see even the newest of homes have a need for basic home maintenance. If it is performed periodically, regular maintenance will most certainly save you tons of precious time and hard earned money! Easily catching those minor issues before they become expensive home repairs is the answer. Why not? 

Start with writing a short checklist of simple tasks such as checking your rain gutters and rooftop for leaf build up and debris. It is also a wonderful idea to look over the plumbing for slight leaks or any visual water drops that might be slowly causing moisture or any mold damage. It is also imperative for reducing cost and maintaining energy efficiency that if you have a furnace, you must keep current on replacing the furnace air filters. 

If you should require the need to hire a general contractor for the job investigate diligently doing your research check with the Better Business Bureau. Check their personal and professional references as well. Another very important thing to make a note of, be sure that the contractor you hire or decide upon is bonded and insured. Do not forget that we most often get what we pay for. 

Your home says a lot about you. Home owners have a duty to their neighborhood and their families for keeping up the repairs for most often it is among one of the single greatest investments we can or will ever possibly make. 

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