Simple Ways To Safeguard Your House From Break-Ins

Simple Ways To Safeguard Your House From Break-Ins


Over 3.5 million robberies happen in the US every year, and in 1 million of those, a family member was at home during the event. Stats like these can make home owners feel susceptible, maybe their house will be next! The good news is, there are some basic actions you can take to beef up your house’s safety and security and protect against burglaries.

Get a Television Simulator

Make prospective burglars believe you’re home by switching on a television simulator prior to leaving your house. These devices produce high-intensity light, color changes, and on-screen activity to make it appear like there is someone in your home watching TV as well as keeping an eye out for robbers.

Beam a Light

Mount motion-sensing lights around the perimeter of your house to stop burglars in their tracks. No thief wishes to break into your house when they are in the spotlight.

Keep Expensive Items a Secret

Did you recently buy a new flat-screen television or other fancy electronics? If you simply take the empty containers to the curb, burglars will recognize that you have fancy electronics for the taking. Instead, break down packages or bag them up for the trash pickup, or haul them off to the dump so your costlier purchases continue to be unknown to passersby.

Close the Garage Door

An open garage door is more than just an open invitation to burglars that might want your bikes, tools, as well as lawn-care equipment. If you have a connected garage, that open door can also give them access to your house. Make it a point to close the garage door each time you enter or exit your home. If you frequently forget to do this, consider getting an automatic garage door installed, or select a smart garage door that can be regulated from your mobile phone and can even remind you when the door is open.

Install Security Cameras

Thieves will stop at nothing to snatch your belongings other than, possibly, a security electronic camera that’s staring them in the face. Install exterior cameras near entrances by your home. If burglars try to gain entry, you’ll have the ability to see them in real time on your screen, or perhaps evaluate the tape-recorded video footage and send it to local law enforcement, if needed.

Add Several Locks

Make it harder for intruders by mounting numerous locks on your doors. You need to have a minimum of two locks at primary entrances, however this can suggest either 2 locks on a solitary door or a single lock on one door paired with a locking storm door.

Check the Mail

Absolutely nothing tells intruders “I’m away” like a mountain of uncollected mail in your mail box. If you’re going on vacation or a prolonged business trip, have the post office hold your mail or have a next-door neighbor accumulate it while you’re away to ward off both mail poachers as well as robbers.

Do not Overshare

Sharing your vacation on social media introduces to every person in your network of hundreds of virtual acquaintances that your home is unoccupied,a significant safety and security blunder.

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