Eight Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Eight Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa


There’s nothing like visiting a spa at a resort while you’re on vacation. The thoughtful décor, fragrant smells and the aire of relaxation. If there’s one area in your home that illustrates the concept of “me time,” it’s the bathroom. In this comforting facility of self-care, you can loosen up, renew, and revitalize. Change your bathroom into an individual spa with these designer suggestions for sublime self-indulgence. For anyone that has resolved to discover more peace, harmony, and well-being this year, the bathroom is the best room to start.

Choose smooth contours.

Leisure is enhanced by gently rounded forms. Relaxing, sinuous styles creates a magnificent yet subtle focal point in the bathroom, and the lavishly deep bathtub boasts jet streams of soothing bubbles and an adjustable heated surface to eliminate muscular tissue pains, tension, and aches.

Pick relaxing colors.

The ideal color pattern can promote peace. Go with soft tones, such as light lavender, pale blue, sand beige, and naturally, creamy white. Fill the scene with corresponding accessories and hardware. A pewter surface, subtler than chrome or silver, is definitely spa-worthy.

Include natural touches.

There’s a reason the most luxurious day spas are established near peaceful coastlines, stunning mountains, and various other all-natural wonderlands. There are numerous ways to bring the elegance of the outdoors to your internal hideaway. Think about adding a natural stone sink or countertop, or perhaps replacing floor tile flooring with warm, moisture-resistant engineered hardwood. Just adding lush, real plants can make the difference and exotic varieties are bound to flourish in the humidity of a bathroom.

Go vintage.

Escape the crazy insanity of today’s world by evoking the appeal of a less-hectic era through vintage-style fixtures, such as a claw-foot tub, an old-fashioned medicine cupboard with etched-glass trim, or a standalone sink.

Restrain clutter.

Counter tops covered in toiletries, cosmetics, and hair tools get in the way of tranquility. To help you relax, aim for tidy, minimalist surroundings, which means your restroom needs to have enough cabinets and drawers to be organized.

Focus on simplicity.

Fussy interruptions take the focus off you which is why a lot of spas count on a less-is-more minimal decor. Think stylish light fixtures, unframed mirrors, and a streamlined, single-lever faucet from Kohler’s Collection.

Take a luxurious shower.

When you don’t time to stay in the tub, the best shower head will leave you really feeling pampered in minutes. Consider this Delta shower head, with 5 massage therapy settings.

Incorporate aromatherapy.

Indulging the olfactory feeling is a top spa trick that’s simple to employ in your home space. Set scented candles on your tub or put a diffuser on the counter top. Use lavender, jasmine, vanilla, or valerian for relaxation. For rapid refreshment, merely hang eucalyptus over your shower head, so you can clear your head while you cleanse your body.

Now that your bathroom is a beacon of relaxation, you might be tempted to get a massage or facial!

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